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Grow your retirement savings with a lump sum purchase or regular contributions that are automatically deducted from your bank account and put into your investment account. It’s about ease of mind and flexible contribution options that fit with your family, lifestyle and budget. Take control of your RRSP savings today and receive an extra 32.5% in tax savings plus regular RRSP benefits!

What will be your amount per contribution?
What is your annual taxable income?
How often will you contribute to your RRSP?
Your annual contribution

Your total tax credits
Annual Golden Opportunities Fund RRSP Investment
Fed. Tax Credits $750 Prov. Tax Credits $875 RRSP Benefit $1,650 Net Cost $1,725 Fed. Tax Credits $750 Prov. Tax Credits $875 RRSP Benefit $1,650 Net Cost $1,725
Annual Regular RRSP Investment
RRSP Benefit $1,650 Net Cost $3,350 RRSP Benefit $1,650 Net Cost $3,350


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