An Additional 32.5% in Tax Credits
are Available to YOU!

Your mature Golden Opportunities units may be held in an account that cannot accommodate your rollover. With this easy-to-use and convenient option, you can simply reinvest your mature units in Golden Opportunities online through Qtrade Investor today. If you prefer to be referred to a Financial Advisor, contact our team and we can help find a registered Financial Advisor in your area. It’s as easy as following the steps below.

No new money is required – you can “roll” up to $5,000 of your mature units to receive tax credits for your 2023 tax filing. Start by clicking a button below.

Your money is invested at home so you can continue to invest local and make a positive impact on your Province. Golden Opportunities is proud to invest 100% of your money in Saskatchewan companies. 

Celebrating 25 years of local investing, focused on driving growth and creating value.


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Keeping your contact information up-to-date is important to ensure you are receiving important updates on Golden Opportunities and your account.  Easily confirm your contact information, including your email address at Shareholder Access.  Plus, use this secure portal to access your investment account online, anytime!